Bell Block Production Site

Bell Block Production Site

AICA NZ Limited
149 Corbett Road
Bell Block
New Plymouth 4373
P: (06) 968 1800

The site was first developed in 1989, produces resins from raw materials. The operational plant is comprised of a continuous process, and a resin plant which consists of four resin reactors of various capacities in which raw materials are mixed and reacted to produce resins. The reactions take place at either atmospheric or vacuum pressure, at temperatures ranging from 15°C to 98°C. The products are held in storage or pumped directly to trucks for delivery to our customers. The end products of our customers are composite boards such as MDF, particleboard, finger jointed and laminated timber and decorative panels.

To support these plants there are Package steam boilers, Waste Heat Steam Generation, Electrical Generator, Cooling Towers, a Refrigeration Unit, Water Treatment, Chemical Powder Handling and Storage.

The AICA New Plymouth site presently has 25 employees. The production site works on a rotation system in which there is alternatively an up-week and a down- week. In an up-week the facility operates on a 24 hour cycle from Monday to Friday from 06:30 Monday to 18:30 hours on Friday. The facility is then closed securely and remotely monitored over the weekend. On the down week the facility operates from 06:30 to 18:30 hours Monday to Friday, when the facility is then closed  and monitored remotely. While the facility is manned remotely no production occurs.


Safety Case Summary

For information about AICA NZ Limited's Bell Block Production Site operating as a Major Hazard Facility in relation to The Health and Safety at Work (Major Hazard Facilities) Regulations 2016, please refer to our Safety Case Summary.

Safety Case Summary - Bell Block Site

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